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Enjoy Eco-Friendly Blooms All Year

Our one-acre preserve is maintained without the use of pesticides or herbicides, making it a sanctuary for the diverse wildlife that finds food, water and safety within the city.  This environmentally conscious, non-invasive method of gardening works with the local climate as well as with both native and existing species, like kudzu, english ivy, privet, poke weed and wild edibles.  Originally covered in kudzu, the Garden now boasts three distinct levels and is a certified Audubon Society Wilderness Habitat home to countless flora and fauna.  "A good pair of scissors, patience and willingness to work with nature is all you need," says creator Shasta Zaring of her gardening style.

Blooming in Spring

Azaleas,  Asiatic Lilies,  Blueberries,  Cherry Bush,  Crocus,  Daffodils,  Dandelion,  Elder Flowers,  False Indigo,  Flowering Quince,  Honeysuckle,  Hyacinth,  Hydrangea,  Iris,  Magnolia,  Money Plant,  Mulberry,  Oxalis,  Periwinkle,  Rose,  Spiderwort,  Spirea,  Tulips,  Violets.

Blooming in Summer

Black Eyed Susan,  Butterfly Rose,  Cherokee Rose,  Crocosmia,  Daisies,  Day Lilies,  Figs,  Four O'clocks,  Gardenia,  Garlic,  Gladiolas,  Indigo Salvia,  Kudzu,  Mugwort,  Mushrooms,  Oriental Lilies,  Rose,  Spider Flower,  Turban Cap Tiger Lilies.

Blooming in Fall

Chrysanthemums,  Dragon's Tongue,  Four O'Clocks,  Ginger Lilies,  Goldenrod,  Kudzu,  Mushrooms,  Oxalis,  Roses,  Salvia,  Spider Flower.

Blooming in Winter

Camellia,  Early Crocus,  Early Wild Edibles (chickweed, cleavers, dandelion, violets),  Lenten Roses,  Snowdrops,  Snowflakes.

Support the Garden

We appreciate your donations.  No amount is too great or small;  each is considered a blessing.  Help us maintain the Goddess Garden Atlanta and bring her into the future as a place of sanctuary for generations to come.

If you are inspired by and want to help sustain the Goddess Garden Atlanta, please consider donating via Paypal.

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