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Ava with Daffodil
Charlie in Spider Woman's Garden
Hopi, Goddess Garden Atlanta
Charlie with Pachamama

Why We Matter

And Why We Need Your Help

The Goddess Garden Atlanta is a National Audubon Society Wilderness Habitat, preserved and cultivated for wildlife to find food, water and safety within the city.  No pesticides or herbicides are used anywhere, making it an oasis for all creatures.  Among its many inhabitants is a cat colony, whose members have been trapped, neutured and released through LifeLine's Community Cat Program, as well as an array of birds, opossums, moles, and occasionally foxes and deer.  We are dedicated to being good, long-term stewards of the land in our ever-changing and -expanding urban environment.  

As we continue to hold a space of love, peace and care for our land and community, we are always looking to expand our offerings. We are so grateful to have the love and support of generous, compassionate and conscious friends, because it takes a village to care for our sacred habitat and its creatures.  You can help us maintain the Goddess Garden as a place of retreat for generations to come.  Our annual fundraising goal is $10,000, to offset the cost of taxes, maintenance, feeding and caring for the animals and plants at the Goddess Garden Atlanta.  Donations provide for cat food and bird seed, as well as other costs of the continuous upkeep of this unique wildlife sanctuary. 

If you are inspired by the Goddess Garden Atlanta, please consider donating via PayPal here.  When you visit, please leave a cash donation in our collection boxes.  No amount is too great or small; each is considered a blessing. 

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