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Early Roses by Maya Lemberg

Visitor Protocol


Park on Bonaventure Ave., without blocking driveways. 

There is no parking on Angier Springs Rd. 


Walk left on Angier Springs Rd. and enter at the entrance


Please do not disturb the houses without an appointment.


Stay on the paths at all times.

Wear sturdy shoes, as well as protection from bugs and the sun.


Please remember that this urban wilderness garden is a sanctuary for all beings. 

Leave the flowers for everyone to enjoy, and do not disturb the Garden creatures.


You may leave offerings of objects on the altars, but do not move or remove any objects in the Garden.​  Please DO NOT light any candles without holders.


We greatly appreciate cash donations, which may be left in collection boxes throughout the Garden.

Donations go to cat food and bird seed, as well as the costs of Garden upkeep.

Support the Garden

We appreciate your donations.  No amount is too great or small;  each is considered a blessing.  Help us maintain the Goddess Garden Atlanta and bring her into the future as a place of sanctuary for generations to come.

If you are inspired by and want to help sustain the Goddess Garden Atlanta, please consider donating via Paypal.

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