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Shasta Zaring

Shasta Zaring

Priestess,  Teacher,  Healer,  Keeper

Shasta Zaring's love of Earth-based spirituality led her to study North American medicine wheel teachings and South American shamanic practices with several indigenous teachers.   She is the founder, creator and cultivator of the Goddess Garden Atlanta.  As a priestess, teacher and healer, she helps people develop their spiritual gifts and serves as a guide to many who love the Goddess.

Shasta Zaring founded and co-directed a holistic education and retreat center near Black Mountain, N.C. (1975-1981).  Here she lived in community, planted Findhorn Gardens, protected ecosystems, and developed permaculture practices.  She started a Healing Arts practice in Atlanta, using body centered modalities including crystals work, aura clearing and chakra balancing.  She taught yoga, meditation, and breathwork through the 1980s and '90s.

In 1982, Shasta was ordained as a Priestess of the Goddess through the Fellowship of Isis.  For a decade, she directed a Mystery School in Atlanta dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine in all world religions.  In 1990, she founded the Goddess Garden and began cultivating the sanctuary it has become.  Decades later, she continues her work as a keeper of sacred space, teacher of mystery traditions and curator of the Goddess Garden Atlanta.

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