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Explore Sacred Space

Journey through three distinct Garden levels, dotted with numerous altars to Goddesses from around the world.  Bask in the magic of the land.  Light a candle in prayer.  Meditate in this serene, green sanctuary.  Explore hidden spaces.  Rediscover your connection to the Divine.

Upper Level

A new journey begins at the entrance to the Goddess Garden Atlanta, at the entrance sign on Angier Springs Street. Here, past the restored 1950s Temple House, you will enter Grandmother's Garden.

Grandmother's Garden was the original plot attached to the 1950s house.  Today, an altar to the lineage of the Grandmothers graces this space.  Pause here to honor those women who came before us.  Enjoy the beautiful show of indigo saliva, hydrangeas, butterfly bush, butterfly rose, rosemary, sage, lilies, and pink oxalis.

Middle Level

Behind the Temple House is Spider Woman's Garden, where an outdoor table and patio bench invite you to day dream, spin stories and weave webs of your own creation.  Follow the paths to the feeding area, where pigeons and wild birds are fed and watered daily while members of the Garden's cat colony stalk about.

Beneath it, Mary's Grotto gives you a spectacular view of the lower areas.  Shaded by beautiful, ancient oak trees, this is a popular gathering and teaching spot dedicated to the many aspects of the Divine Mother:  Mary of the Oaks, Pachamama of South America, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sophia and the Black Madonna.  A sweat lodge, converted into a greenhouse for delicate plants, rests in the corner.

Lower Level

The Lower Level is a natural caldera and the largest area of land in the Garden.  Here you may walk the Medicine Wheel, a ceremonial circle dedicated to the seven directions, with altars to five.  Enjoy Ginger lilies from August to first frost, naturalized tiger lilies in July, Quince and Spirea in Spring and beautiful oleander and dahlias in Summer.

Behind the Wheel is the Children's Garden.  What was once garlic and herbs is now Shakti's Den, a popular gathering spot and place of quiet meditation.  A candle is always burning in Tara's Portal, dedicated to the Green Tara of Tibet.  The Shaman's Trail and Path of the Little People converge here, just out of sight beyond the edge of things.  Here, healing mushrooms grow, fox waits, and the young stag finds his way in the dappled light.

Support the Garden

We appreciate your donations.  No amount is too great or small;  each is considered a blessing.  Help us maintain the Goddess Garden Atlanta and bring her into the future as a place of sanctuary for generations to come.

If you are inspired by and want to help sustain the Goddess Garden Atlanta, please consider donating via Paypal.

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